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Feb 2, 2006

Using Satellite Imagery For Rangeland Management

A series of five articles January's issue of Rangeland Ecology & Management explore the efficiency of remote satellite sensing as a tool for planning and productivity estimates. The studies'’ results provide suggestions for the application of this developing technology. They also encourage use of the technology as a better way of analyzing the status of rangelands. The articles conlclude that remote sensing has the potential to help range managers monitor natural resources, including changes in rangeland ecology over time.

The articles are titled:

1. Applying Improved Estimates of MODIS Productivity to Characterize Grassland Vegetation Dynamics.

2. Evaluation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery for Assessing Rangeland Resources in South Texas.

3. A Protocol for Retrospective Remote Sensing-Based Ecological Monitoring of Rangelands.

4. Comparison of Stocking Rates From Remote Sensing and Geospatial Data.

5. Challenges of Integrating Geospatial Technologies into Rangeland Research and Management.