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Jan 31, 2006

MapBiz: Online Mapping Business Put On The Market

So you've tried Google Earth, Yahoo Maps, and Microsoft Live Local and figured you could do better? Now may be your chance to jump into the booming internet mapping business. LandNet Corp. announced today that it plans to sell its LandVoyage Internet mapping business.

Not surprisingly, the parent company has a number of reasons why their site is better than the rest. They say that they have three main advantages over their online competition: Map content variety, functionality, and geographic search capabilities.

A purchase will get you the LandVoyage database of seven digital map layers and five satellite/aerial imagery data sets in an array of resolutions and scales. Any purchaser also gets a proprietary suite of software that includes an Internet/intranet map server, advanced geospatial search engine, and an e-commerce solution. The deal will also include 49 recently awarded patent claims, and 92 patents that are pending.

So all you would-be internet mapping moguls, get out your checkbook and contact investment banking firm Sarowdin Partners of Denver, about making a deal.