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Sep 19, 2007

Purchasing Maps by the Barrel

Jim Chandler, the new owner of what is now called Barclay Publishing, has a surprise for map freaks, local historians and those in need of cheap gift wrap: He's unloading shelves and barrels full of maps from the '60s, '70s and '80s at must-move prices - 25 cents to a buck or two each...

That according to a story in today's San Jose Mercury News. Most are of the maps are of the area around San Jose, California.

With maps freely available online, few people see the need for the traditional folded paper map.

"My wife suggested I should just get a dumpster," Chandler told The News, "but I couldn't do it. Someone might have a use for these." Then he adds, "And some people are just really into maps."

Mr. Chandler, who purchased the map publishing company back in January says that most of the firm's customers these days are real estate agencies that want custom maps showing areas in detail.

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