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Sep 17, 2007

Coalition Seeks More Funding for USGS

In an effort to convince Congress to loosen its purse strings when it comes to spending on geospatial research, members of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Coalition will host a reception on Capitol Hill. Members of Congress, their staff, and the media have been invited to the event, which will highlight the research, information, and services provided by the USGS.

The coalition will also draw attention to the need for increased funding for the Survey. The USGS budget has declined in real dollars for five consecutive years, and it would decline for a sixth year if the proposed 2008 budget request is enacted. Real funding for the USGS is at its lowest level since 1996. USGS scientists will be at the even to discuss the work of the USGS conducts in the biological, geographical, geological and hydrological sciences.

The USGS Coalition is an alliance of more than 70 organizations that support increased federal investment in the USGS programs.

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