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Sep 8, 2007

GPS Gadget of the Week: Garmin Astro

GPS technology is being used to track and monitor all type of assets. Now comes a device to track what to many hunters is their most prized possession; their hunting dog. The Garmin Astro GPS dog tracking system is aimed (pun intended) at hunters. The unit allows a hunter to track up to ten dogs as far as five miles away.

The Astro system includes a handheld GPS device and a wireless transmitter in a collar. Unlike other pet finding GPS systems that are designed only for when your dog runs away, the Astro system allows you to see your dog's current location, a trail of where he’s been, a compass pointing to your dog’s location, whether he’s running, sitting, on point or treeing quarry. Garmin says the gadget's high-sensitivity GPS receiver will let a hunter track their dog’s position even in the densest cover.

Via GPS Tracklog.

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