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Sep 15, 2007

GPS Gadget of the Week: ParaNav

So you're using GPS to in your car, on your bike, and when you go hiking. But you were wondering "why can't I use GPS when I go parachuting?". No worries, Rockwell Collins has the answer. The aviation contractor recently introduced ParaNav, a helmet mounted navigation system for parachutists.

ParaNav is a personal, GPS-based, flight management system with an integrated head-up display. It provides parachutists with accurate navigation capabilities and enhanced situational awareness, allowing them to fly to their designated landing zones. The system also allows the parachutist to divert to alternate sites with the same level of accuracy.

The firm says the system has undergone more than 100 test jumps at maximum altitudes of 28,000 feet and at temperatures of 20 degrees below zero. Rockwell Collins recently displayed ParaNav at a defense equipment show in London and is involved in ongoing evaluations of the system with potential military customers.

Photo corrected 10/04/07.

Via Navigadget.
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