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Feb 17, 2007

Finding Fido With GPS

Okay, after last week's post I'm thinking of adding a regular Saturday feature called "Weird Uses for GPS."

Petsmobility is touting its PETsCELL™, a 2 way voice-enabled, GPS pet tracking device that is worn on the pet’s collar. The company breathlessly refers to the device as "long awaited". I suppose the system is suppose to replace the traditional nailing of signs to telephone poles as a means of locating your lost dog.

PETsCELL™, is a waterproof, 2-way communication device, with GPS. It provides your pet’s location in real time through a desk top PC or hand held device and will email you if your dog leaves home. The company says they are demonstrating the device to major corporations across North America prior to release, presumably trying to get them to agree to carry it.

Come to think of it, I may skip the new feature. There's so many of these GPS gadgets coming out it could be a blog of its own.

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