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Apr 27, 2007

Boeing Goes "Back to Basics" for Next Generation GPS

Aerospace contractor Boeing recently hosted a team from the U.S Air Force for a review of it's design for the next generation GPS satellite navigation system.

Boeing touted what it called it's "back-to-the-basics" system. The firm says that its approach will allow the Air Force to field and upgrade GPS satellites quickly and cost effectively. The firm also says it's design improves signal power and provides a more capable GPS service for both civilian and military users.

Regarding Boeing's design, Charles Toups, vice president, Boeing Navigation and Communication Systems, said, "We designed the GPS III system to be scalable so the design of the first spacecraft can gracefully grow to accommodate future capability upgrades without requiring an entirely new spacecraft design."

Chicago-based Boeing is competing with Lockheed Martin to design and build the next generation GPS satellites for the U.S. The Air Force is scheduled to award the multi-billion dollar contract for the program, called GPS III, late this year. The new satellites are scheduled to launch in 2013.

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Image: GPS Block IIF satellite, courtesy of Boeing.