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Apr 7, 2007

Taiwan to Capture One-Half of GPS Market This Year

Increased global demand for portable navigation devices (PND) combined with a projected shipment growth will result in Taiwanese suppliers of GPS products increasing their share of the global GPS market to more than 50% this year. That, according to a report issued by the Market Intelligence Center (MIC) and posted by on the Technology Marketing Corporation's website. MIC, which is funded by the Taiwanese government, predicts that demand for PNDs will increase to 16 million units in 2007.

Few of Taiwan's GPS manufacturers are household names, since most of them make only the "insides" of the GPS units. Garmin manufacturers it's units in Taiwan, though since its headquarters in in the U.S. that somehow doesn't count? One Taiwanese exception is MiTAC, which has been promoting its own "Mio" brand PND. The company hopes to become the world's No. 2 GPS supplier this year.

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