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Mar 31, 2007

GPS Gadget of the Week: The Shroud

Tired of watching your teenager sit on the sofa and play video games all day? Soon you'll be able to send him out into the streets to play a GPS-enabled video game on his cell phone, with this week's GPS Gadget of the Week: The Shroud.

Colin Gibbs at RCT Wireless News explains that The Shroud is a location-aware, multiplayer game that allows players with GPS-enabled phones to take on challenges by physically moving into randomly determined “hot spots” nearby.

The game stars Taro, a young farmer who collects items and trades for goods as he fights to defend his land from demons. Mr. Gibbs reports that hard core video-gamers and bloggers are, "slobbering over The Shroud," despite the fact that it has yet to make it to market. Your World Games Ltd., the maker of the game reportedly plans a few other video game titles with a GPS-enabled component in the future.

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