GeoCarta Has Moved

Apr 7, 2007

GPS Gadget of the Week: Easter Egg Hunt

Stacy Hindt says the traditional Easter egg hunt is boring. So the Maryland mom, and geocaching enthusiast, has added a modern touch: GPS.

The Cecil Whig has more on this week's GPS Gadget of the Week:

The treasure map is a set of coordinates. The treasure, or geocache in this case, is a candy-filled Easter egg.
Hindt will use global positioning satellite technology to lead searchers to the eggs with prizes inside.

“Actually there will be plastic containers hidden. The GPS will get them within walking distance then they’ve kind of got to look really good,” Hindt said.
Ms. Hindt's kids, ages 8 and 3, will be using their own GPS units to locate their Easter baskets. Anyone else in the Elkton, MD, area is invited to her 23-acre farm to join fun.

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