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Jan 6, 2007

DigitalGlobe to add Third Satellite

Colorado-based DigitalGlobe announced this week that Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. is constructing a third satellite for the firm's constellation. Called, "WordView 2", the firm refers to this latest satellite as a next generation system. WorldView 2, will offer the highest collection capacity of Earth imagery, available and is scheduled for launch in late 2008.

WorldView 2 will operate at an altitude in excess of 800 kilometers and offer flexible target selection, and increased spectral capabilities. The satellite's large on-board storage and greater communication downlink capabilities mean it will be able to collect up to 950,000 square kilometers of half-meter imagery a day. Jill Smith, president and CEO said “The addition of WorldView 2 will provide DigitalGlobe, with higher collection capabilities, more frequent revisit and refresh, more spectral information and greater imaging flexibility.” WorldView 2 will also be able to download satellite imagery directly to customers.

The firm cited growing demand for geographic applications on the Internet and within enterprise applications in announcing the latest satellite. Currently, DigitalGlobe provides Earth imagery and geospatial information collected from it's QuickBird satellite to government and commercial customers involved in mapping and planning.