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Dec 10, 2005

A Cartographer's Christmas List - Extended Version

There appear to be lots of cartographers out there who believe that they have managed to stay off Santa's "naughty" list and will have lots of goodies under the tree.

Since Old Saint Nick doesn't seem like the most geographically minded elf, I figured I'd help him out. Here's some more cartographically minded gift ideas. Feel free to print this out, scribble a short note on the back about how good you've been and mail this to the jolly old elf.

The Map Book
Edited by Peter Barber, the head of the British Library's map collection, the book has 175 items highlighting 3,500 years of cartographic progress. From Fantom Planet.

Ken Burns re-creates the 1803 journey to locate the Northwest Passage. The exploration, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark is the most notable expedition in U.S. history. Approximately 310 minutes.

Map Ties
Look your best for that important meeting with one of these 100% silk ties. The ties feature your choice of 8 different maps.

USA Map Coffee Mug
An 11 oz. dishwasher safe coffee mug with a colorful map of the United States emblazoned on the front.

Globe Jigsaw Puzzle
This puzzle uses traditional jigsaw pieces to create not a flat puzzle but a spherical globe. As you put the pieces together, the puzzle curves up, creating a globe of antique sailing charts. The finished freestanding globe measures 9 1/2" diameter. 530 pieces.

Map of Mount Vernon
Printed on acid-free museum quality paper, the title block on this reproduction reads, "A map of General Washington's farm of Mount Vernon from a drawing transmitted by the General."

Map of Kent County, Texas
The Texas General Land Office offers a reproduction of this map drawn by W. S. Porter in 1889. Mr. Porter later gave up his career as a cartographer and achieved fame as short story writer O. Henry.

Washington D.C. Antique Wall Map
This reproduction shows a panoramic, or, "birds-eye" view of Washington, D.C. in 1880 from above the Potomac River looking north.

The Map That Changed the World
In this book, Simon Winchester tells the story of William Smith. While working as surveyor in a coal mine, Mr. Smith noticed the abrupt changes in the layers of rock. He published his observations in a map, which gave birth to modern Geology, only to end up in debtor's prison.