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Dec 7, 2005

Man Banned From Library Following Discovery Of Old Map

Sam Bourne has been banned from the Madison, New Hampshire library after he discovered a map from the 1970's to help him with his lawsuit against the city. According to station WCAX, Mr. Bourne, who has filed five different lawsuits against the city, has accused Madison officials of forgery and of conspiring to take his land in his latest suit, which is over a road dispute. Last month, he visited the library vault along with a librarian and discovered the map. Shortly thereafter, the city's Board of Selectmen voted to restrict his access to library records.

The selectmen stated they've already provided thousands of pages of documents in connection with the lawsuit and that the judge in the case says that they don't have to provide any more. Mr. Bourne says the town is violating the New Hampshire Right to Know Law and that the judge's order doesn't mean he can't look at maps in the library vault.