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Dec 7, 2005

Coming From Switzerland: "Indoor" GPS

From TG Daily:
U-blox a Swiss provider of GPS receivers announced an apparently very sensitive GPS device. The LEA-4H, the company claims, is able to receive "the weakest signals" - even in places with obstructed views. In fact, the device is sensitive enough to calculate geographical positions within in buildings.

Acquisition and reacquisition sensitivity of the LEA-4H is rated at -148 dBm, cold start sensitivity at -142 dBm and tracking sensitivity at -158 dBm, U-blox said. The device is also Assisted-GPS capable.

The company did not say when the receiver will be available and in which products it is likely to be integrated. Needless to say, we will be after this device as soon as it becomes available and will test in detail, if it is capable of dealing with GPS reception in US downtown areas.