GeoCarta Has Moved

Jan 14, 2007

Wales Wiped Off Map

All news network CNN recently published a map of the United Kingdom in connection with a story it was doing on a serial killer. On the map, Wales was lumped in as part of England.

The Welsh are upset about it.

A spokesperson for Cymuned told icWales the incident showed that the Welsh Assembly had not done enough to raise its profile around the world. An Assembly spokesman said of the map, "This seems to be a badly drawn map by someone with a very tenuous grasp of geography."

A spokesperson for CNN told icWales that they didn't know why their artist had eliminated Wales. and apologized for the mistake.

As if to add insult to the injury, Scotland was distinguished from the England on the offending map. For Wales, it's not the first time the Principality has been overlooked. In 2004 it was omitted from a map of Europe on the cover of The Eurostat Yearbook published by the European Union.