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Jun 12, 2008

GE to Add Mapping Software Firm to Utility Group

Corporate behemoth General Electric (GE) is expanding its “Smart Grid” Capabilities for utilities, with the announcement that its GE Energy unit will acquire MapFrame. Dallas-based MapFrame produces applications that allow utility company employees access to real-time information through its mobile mapping system called "FieldSmart." Bob Gilligan, general manager of GE Energy’s transmission and distribution business cited MapFrames software expertise and proven technology in announcing the deal.

FieldSmart is a combination of mobile mapping technology and field automation processes. The system is designed to interface with multiple office systems including the most popular GIS and CAD systems. The firm claims 35,000 users among the utility industry.

MapFrame’s employees will join GE’s transmission and distribution operations as part of the Smallworld business. Smallworld, which focus on GIS applications joined GE Energy in 2000. The deal is scheduled to close at the end of June.

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