GeoCarta Has Moved

Jun 10, 2008

New LBS Blog Launched

MetaCarta a provider of geographic search and referencing solutions announced that it has launched The MetaCarta Blog. The firm says the new blog will focus on how geography is adding a new dimension to the Internet to create the "geoweb."

MetaCarta says it will allow industry experts and visitors to air their views on topics such as geography, location intelligence, and how digital maps have already started to become a new user interface.

Claudine Bianchi, VP of marketing at MetaCarta says the industry is on the cusp on a major shift, citing consumer trends such as the popularity of mobile phones and GPS devices that are driving digital innovation on the Web. "The integration of maps and data is huge -- in fact, far bigger than anything we could comment on from a commercial perspective." she said.

Founded by a team of MIT researchers in 2001, MetaCarta products use a map interface to allow customers to visualize, and act on location-based information.