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Jun 6, 2008

Magazine to Target Future Mapping Professionals

Reed Business Geo plans to launch a new magazine and website aimed at attracting young people to the fields of geomatics and hydrographics the firm announced today. Set to launch at the beginning of the new school year, Young Geo Professional will focus on young people who are about to make a study choice. The publication will make students aware of the future job possibilities in mapping fields.

The firm cited a current shortage of personnel in the fields along with a lack of new students at universities worldwide as the driving force behind the new venture. Examples of fields of study the magazine will focus on include land surveying, electronic charting, remote sensing, positioning or hydrographic surveying. At least 15,000 copies are planned to be distributed to about 350 educational institutions aimed at students ages 16 to 27.

Based in the Netherlands, Reed Business Geo is an international publishing house providing information to professionals active in the survey and mapping fields of geomatics, hydrography and navigation.

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