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Apr 13, 2007

Sales of GPS "Gadgets" Replacing PNDs in Korea

GPS enabled mobile phones, PDAs and other electronics devices are increasingly popular in Korea, gaining market share at the expense of traditional, stand alone GPS devices. That is according to a report in the Korea Times:

``Monthly sales of products with GPS functions have increased by 15 percent this year. Especially, the growth is prominent in mobile phones and PDAs that are replacing traditional navigation systems,’’ said Mun Young-ku, IT manager of Auction, a major Internet shopping site.

The GPS navigation systems get signals from three satellites in earth orbit, and calculates a user’s position through trigonometry. To make it readily available to more drivers and ``digital nomads,’’ electronics makers are now offering navigation applications on phones and PDAs. The GPS phones are also a great help for cyclists and hikers as they can be carried at all times while walking or riding bicycles.

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