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Apr 15, 2007

Engineer to Stand Trial Over Nuclear Map, Other Data

A former engineer at a nuclear reactor is scheduled for trial this month on charges of attempting to pass secrets to the Chinese government.

More from the Albany Times Union:

Chi Mak, 66, was accused of giving sensitive information to his brother, Tai Mak, who was found with encrypted disks in his luggage as he was returning to China. The case generated local interest because among Chi Mak's possessions, federal authorities said, was a hand-drawn map of the Kesselring nuclear site in the Saratoga County town of Milton...

He has argued that the information he took was in the public domain.

Mak's attorney, Ronald Kaye, said the hand-drawn map of Kesselring was obviously for driving directions. Mak was at the site in 2005 on behalf of Power Paragon and the map included landmarks like Mak's hotel and the Albany International Airport. Kesselring officials said their security had not been breached.