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Mar 23, 2007

Still More Indian Complaints About Google Earth

Well, it seems that Indian security agencies are still upset that high-resolution images of Indian military bases and government buildings are visible on Google Earth.

A spokesman for Google told the India Times that the company had not decided whether or not they would blur aerial images of Indian installations available on the company's web site.

The Times reports that Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam had previously said that India should pass a law prohibiting foreign satellites from taking pictures of sensitive locations in India.

A spokesman for Google reminded the Times that Google Earth is not the only place someone can obtain such images saying, “The images available on Google Earth are also available for purchase from various satellite companies in market."

So in the spirit of international cooperation, world peace, and all that, I would like to offer a compromise. Google should hire the artist Christo to design huge slip covers to be installed over all of India's sensitive locations. That way, India could protect its military secrets from the prying eyes of satellites and enjoy artwork by a famous artist at the same time.

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