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Mar 23, 2007

Author Touts Navteq Stock

Robert Walberg is a columnist for MSN Money's "Street Patrol." Mr. Walberg looks for stocks that are, "dogs"; companies whose stock price he thinks is down but on the way up. He thinks he's found one in Navteq:
Fortunately, I've already identified my newest dog: Navteq... This Chicago company engages in the creation, updating, enhancing, licensing and distribution of digital map databases in North America and Europe. Considering all the portable map devices being sold by Garmin... and all the navigation systems now being included in automobiles, this is a great growth business, and Navteq is the industry leader.

Despite that, the stock got whacked last year because expectations were a little too lofty. As a result, sales and earnings disappointed -- and that's never a good thing for the stock price. But at present value the stock trades at about 21 times next year's estimated earnings, with a projected long-term growth rate of 25%. Cash management is solid, growth is strong and the value is there...

I don't offer investing advice here. I'm just passing along another's opinions as food for thought.