GeoCarta Has Moved

Mar 9, 2007

Geologists Plan Global Map

Scientists from more than 55 countries are planning what they call the, "most extensive and ambitious mapping project ever contemplated." The project is OneGeology and it's goal is to create a dynamic digital geological map across the surface of the Earth. It will pool all the existing knowledge about what lies under the Earth's surface and to make it available on the web.

The effort is being led by Britain's Geological Survey (BGS), with support from UNESCO and six other global umbrella bodies. Countries from around the world are being encouraged to pool their knowledge about what lies under the Earth's surface to create the seamless model of the Earth's geological formations.

The map will be created using ‘GeoSciML’ a geological exchange language that will allow geological data to be shared and integrated across the planet. BGS will host a kickoff meeting March 12 through 16 in Brighton, England. Over the next two years, geologists will agree and plan the details of the project.

Grammar corrected 03/10/07.