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Mar 7, 2007

NYC Cab Drivers Threaten Strike Over GPS Plans

New York City's Taxi & Limousine Commission has announced plans to require all taxi cabs to install GPS tracking equipment in their vehicles. The cabbies are none too happy about it and are threatening to strike.

More from the New York Sun:

More than 100 drivers and medallion owners bundled up in scarves and ski caps for a rally in front of the Taxi & Limousine Commission headquarters on Rector Street yesterday, protesting the global positioning systems they say will infringe on their privacy rights. Holding up signs reading "Stop GPS" and "Ready to Strike," taxi drivers called the new technology an expensive "snake oil scam" that they will be forced to pay for.
The Taxi & Limousine Commission says the tracking devices will be used to reunite passengers with belongings left behind in cabs. Drivers fear the equipment will be used to prosecute them for speeding and other traffic violations and violates their civil rights.

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