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Mar 4, 2007

Faulty Map Leads to Blame Game in Scotland

A mistake in an Ordnance Survey map has been blamed for a three-story housing development being built in the wrong place the Edinburgh News reported.

Residents Blame Local Planning Officials
Angry residents claim their views have been ruined because the new building has been built 3 meters out of place. They blame local planning officials. "We've been on at planning about this for a long time now. As soon as this became apparent building control should have been out here and telling them to stop." nieghbor Caroline Gerard, told the News.

Local Officials Blame the Developer
Not so says planning leader Trevor Davies. He blames the developer telling the News, "A responsible developer would have come back to the committee with this. They are within their legal rights but it is not socially responsible to do what they did."

Developer Blames Local Officials
Developer Gregor Properties says it was simply following map references on plans approved by the council. a spokesman said, "What we did was build exactly the building in exactly the place we had planning permission for."

Local Officials Blame Ordinance Survey Maps
A spokeswoman for the council says it relied on Ordinance Survey maps saying such maps, "...represents the gold standard of mapping within the UK was a reasonable way for the council to proceed in the circumstances."

Ordinance Survey Says They Should have had it Surveyed.
A spokesman for Ordnance Survey said: "Ordnance Survey has the capability to capture detail to a very high accuracy using state of the art surveying technology. However, over the years data has been captured using less accurate methods. Ordnance Survey would not expect a customer to use our data in such a context in lieu of a localised engineering survey."

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