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Mar 2, 2006

Firms Team Up To Develop 3-D Map Of Germany

Denver-based Intermap Technologies Corp. is joining forces with GeoContent GmbHX of Magdeburg, Germany to develop a 3-dimensional color digital map of Germany it was announced today.

Intermap plans to have all of Germany mapped by the end of 2006. As elevation data becomes available for different parts of the country the two companies will merge their datasets. GeoContent is the only German firm with a countrywide digital aerial image. The existing GeoContent imagery will be geo-referenced and "draped" over Intermap's digital terrain model. The two firms say the effort will result in the most accurate 3D map of Germany in existence.

The companies will jointly market the new map. Intermap has recently signed deals with German automobile makers to provide country-wide digital maps for use in their navigation and other systems. However, the two firms say they have their sights set on other industries as well. "A countrywide 3D image dataset combined with additional geo-referenced data presents numerous and compelling applications for not only the traditional geospatial data users, but also for a wide variety of other markets," said Dr. Manfred Krischke, managing director of Intermap Technologies GmbH.

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