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Jan 29, 2006

The Frustrations Of Being Left Off The Digital Map

As online mapping sites have become more popular, life has become more frustrating for those not shown on the digital maps. The Rock Hill Herald reports today on the frustrations of people living in newly developed areas whose addresses have yet to make it into cyberspace.

Among the annoyances:
  • David Beatson of Lake Wylie, Virginia spent weeks trying to get a newspaper delivered. The paper couldn't figure out which route his address was on.
  • A couple of people mentioned having to constantly give directions to friends that are used to looking up directions online.
  • PeeDee Kurfess of Fort Mill, Virginia encountered another problem after moving into her new home. Whenever she tries to change her address on web-based forms, it can't be done because the new address couldn't be verified electronically.
The article gives an overview of the process the online mapping sites go through to update their maps. Jeremy Kreitler, product manager for Yahoo Maps, told the Herald that people who want their address included can contact Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ directly through their web sites and request that they update their information.

Despite the inconvenience of trying to get his newspaper delivered, Mr. Beatson says that there are advantages to being off the world's digital map. "In today's world, you don't have too much anonymity," he told the Herald. "Sometimes I like having someone not being able to get to my house."