GeoCarta Has Moved

Jan 12, 2006

In The Aftermath Of The Tsunami, One Island Grows, Another Sinks

The recent anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami brought back images of vast areas of coastline engulfed by water. But the Times of India reports on a situation in the Andaman Islands that has puzzled experts. When the killer waves receded there, officials discovered that large areas of land had been added to the north side of the archipelago.

About 140 hectares (approximates 346 acres) of land has literally risen from the sea. Local authorities are consulting with the Geological Survey of India about the suitability of the new land for development.

Meanwhile, on Nicobar Island, the exact opposite is occurring. There, authorities report that the island appears to be tilting. This has submerged large areas of the island, turning what were previously forests into swamps.

Andaman officials are considering using their newly acquired land as a tourist resort. Local authorities on Nicobar say that they will probably turn their new swamps into fish farms.