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Dec 20, 2005

Police Pursue Bank Robber With GPS

The new uses for Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that keep being reported could make a blog of its own. That's why only a few get posted here. However, this item from Channel 5 in Cincinanati looked interesting:
Officers from four agencies are at the scene of a reported bank robbery. Investigators said that a man wearing a black coat and hat, with a large bandage on his nose, walked into the PNC Bank branch at 7435 Kenwood Road just before 10 a.m. and demanded money. The man was last seen leaving the bank on foot. Officers from Madeira, Silverton, Indian Hill and the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene. Investigators are using a GPS tracking receiver to get signals from a device planted in the stolen money. They said the device was heading north at walking speed, or about 2 mph.