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Dec 20, 2005

Maps In The News

U.N. Ambassador Promises To Look In To Why Israel Was Left Off Map
United Nations Ambassador John Bolton promised to pursue the issue of what he termed, UN-sponsored anti-Israeli campaigns. Ambassador Bolton specifically mentioned the UN sponsored, "Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People." At the event, there was displayed a, "Map of Palestine" from which the nation of Israel had been expunged.

Story from New York Jewish Times

Four Nations Team Up To Map Important Straits
An international team has completed electronic sea charts of the Malacca Strait and Singapore Strait. The team, comprised of Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, hope that the high-tech maps will reduce accidents and piracy in the key international waterway.

Electronic sea charts, which operate similarly to car navigation systems, can access the charts and display the location of the vessel. They can also sound an alarm if the ship ventures towards shallows or other dangers. This is the first joint effort at mapping international straits.

Story From The Japan Times