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Dec 22, 2005

"Mainstream" Writer Finds "Mainstream" GPS Unit Too Pricey

As posted previously, this is the year that the makers of Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation units are supposed to go, "mainstream." Today, Wall Street Journal technology writer Walter S. Mossberg reviews the effort of Garmin Ltd. to capture a wider audience with its Nuvi 350. The unit combines satellite navigation and mapping, a built-in music player, photo viewer, U.S. travel guide, audio-book reader, language translator, and currency converter into what Garmin calls a "personal travel assistant."

Among the things he likes about the unit:
  • A good design
  • Simple user interface.
  • Setup requires no technical knowledge.
Among the things he dislikes about the unit:
  • The $900 price is too high.
  • Crude and clumsy navigation.
While Mr. Mossberg lauds the receiver's quick signal acquisition, he mainly faults the unit for its poor driving directions. His conclusion? At the price, it's not worth it.

Complete article from the Wall Street Journal (Subscription required).