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Oct 18, 2005

More Complaints Over Google Maps

More security complaints over Google Earth, this time from India.

From Forbes:
President Abdul Kalam has warned that Google Inc's satellite image service could help terrorists find targets and may pose a serious threat to national security.

Indian media reports said the Google satellite service (, launched in June, allows people to view high-resolution images of installations such as the Bombay headquarters of India's western naval command.

'Users can zoom close enough to take a reasonably good look at the deck of India's lone aircraft carrier. Browse around and you can stroll past piers where warships of all kinds and submarines are docked,' the Times of India said.

The site contains clear aerial photos of India's parliament and the president's palace in New Delhi, prompting Kalam to warn that he is worried 'developing countries, already in danger of terrorist attacks, have been chosen' for exposure.

A spokesman for Kalam said the president has asked officers to check 'whether the images pose a threat to national security.'