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Oct 13, 2005

Wrong Numbers In GPS Unit Leads Surveyors Down Wrong Road

Three land surveyors face fines of up to $500 after being issued federal citations for trespassing onto the grounds of the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. According to the Casa Grande Valley Newspaper, the three men, blame incorrect coordinates they entered into their handheld GPS navigation device for the incident. Following their GPS unit's directions, they went to the wrong side of Arizona Boulevard, where they turned onto West Ruins Drive, and drove past a sign warning unauthorized vehicles not to continue. They opened a chained gate with a sign marked, "Closed Area Do Not Enter" and drove about half a mile onto federal property. After driving a surveying stake into the ground and marking it with orange paint, they became suspicious that they were in the wrong place and decided to leave to obtain a better map of the area. To their credit, upon realizing their error, the surveyors returned to the monument grounds to remove the stake and smooth their tire tracks. It was then that they were confronted by National Park Service Ranger and local police.