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Oct 4, 2005

Taiwan Complains About Google Maps

Add Taiwan to the list of countries complaining about Google Earth. Previously several countries have expressed concerns that Google's online maps may make life easier for terrorists and other enemies. The government of Taiwan has a different complaint. According to All Headline News, Taipei has asked Google to stop calling the self-governing island a "province of China" on its Google Maps service.

China regards Taiwan as a breakaway province. It has also warned to attack the island if it insists on formal statehood. The two countries separated in a civil war, which ended in 1949. Taiwan insists it is a sovereign, independent state.

Foreign ministry spokesman Michel Lu says, "It is incorrect to call Taiwan a province of China because we are not." He adds, "We have contacted Google to express our position and asked them to correct the description."

The foreign ministry has yet to receive a reply from Google.

For a summary of countries that have expressed concerns about the online mapping service, see The Map Room.