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Sep 9, 2005

Inaccurate Map Costs $15,000

Rock and gravel: $200
Concrete footings: $1,000

Building a bridge on someone else's property: $15,000
There are some things money can't buy, but before you spend $7 million on a new bridge you might want to make sure your maps are accurate.

o, that's not the latest MasterCard commercial, that's what the City of Gearhart, Oregon is having to pay Marie Smith and Ilona Johnson after mistakenly pouring concrete footings for a new bridge on their property. reports that the City Manager informed the Gearhart City Council that the city poured the concrete footings for the bridge based on an inaccurate map. This resulted in the footings being located on private property. The city is paying the landowners $15,000 as compensation. The footings are part of a $7 million project.