GeoCarta Has Moved

Aug 28, 2005

Yes, It's The Drafter's Fault

More on the mapping mistake that seems to have the Aussies up in arms:

Forestry Tasmania has extended a habitat for threatened parrots, to increase protection of the birds, after part of their habitat was mistakenly logged.

The company felled 17 trees in the reserve for swift parrots, next to its logging coupe in the Weilangta State Forest.

Forestry Tasmania general manager Kim Creek says the error was caused by incorrect boundary markings on a map.

He says the error has not damaged the habitat...

Greens Senator Bob Brown says Forestry Tasmania has broken its own rules, and is calling for management to pay with their jobs.

The controversy illustrates that no matter how technologically advanced and automated mapping becomes, there will always be a need for human oversight and common sense. While the article doesn't spell out exactly what the mistake was, it may have been something as simple as using a solid line where a dashed line should have been. Legends, notes, clearly defined abbreviations, the "nuts and bolts" of mapmaking, though sometimes overlooked, will always be important

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