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Oct 3, 2007

Researchers "Rebirth" Rome Using Virtual Map

A three-dimensional, virtual map, called Rome Reborn, is the result of a ten-year effort to better understand the Eternal City. The effort is led by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia, and has brought together a team of international researchers hope to create a three-dimensional map of Rome as it is believed to have appeared in about 320 AD. The map contains details of 7,000 buildings and allows users to "fly" over much of the ancient city.

Researchers have been studying Rome for centuries, and have discovered quite a bit about life in ancient times. The researchers hope the digital map will help fill in the gaps of knowledge that remain. Fourth century Rome covered 35 square kilometers and is believed to have had a population of about a million people.

At the present, the virtual map is too big (800 megabytes) for people to truly "stroll" through the city. But The Times reports that the creators are in discussions with Linden Labs and other online “multiverse” pioneers to bring Rome Reborn to the masses.

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