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Oct 7, 2007

Pioneer Looking Past GPS Navigation to the Future

Japanese electronics maker Pioneer is working on a new navigation system that combines a GPS system with a video camera and software that analyzes the scene ahead. Not only does the system provide better directions, it even warns the driver about potential hazards.

Called the Image Recognition Car Navigation System, the system was shown at the recently completed CEATEC Japan 2007 electronics show where it was named one of the 12 most innovative products at the show.

Instead of displaying a digital map, Pioneer’s prototype provides the driver live video of the road ahead with information superimposed. For example an arrow will appear to show the location of an upcoming turn is. It also warns the driver if he gets too close to the car ahead and even monitors the road lines to make sure the driver doesn't drift out of his lane.

Pioneer has not announced a release date for the system.

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