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Oct 18, 2007

Hitler's Globe to be Auctioned

A globe that belonged to Adolf Hitler could bring as much as $22,000 at auction the Daily Telegraph reported today. The globe was found by American soldier John Barsamian in the remains of the "Eagle's Nest" Hitler's mountain stronghold in the Bavarian Alps.

On entering the bunker, Mr. Barsamian, who is now 91, found the place devastated by Allied bombing and looting. However, he found the globe still in intact. He boxed it up with other keepsakes, and shipped them home.

One thing that should increase the value of this globe is the meticulous records Mr. Barsamian kept that authenticate his find. Not only does he still have the military paperwork that allowed him to bring it back to the U.S., but he also has a picture of himself in front of the bunker, holding the globe.