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Oct 27, 2007

GPS Gadget of the Week: Satski

Wondering how your handheld GPS navigation device is going to hold up on the ski slopes this winter? Never fear. A company called Satski has developed a GPS navigation system specifically for skiers.

The Satski gives you an interactive map of the mountain that will guide, assist and record your movements throughout the day while you are on the slopes. The Satski constantly updates your current position on the map, gives you some statistics, and record your coordinates, altitude, speed, and distance to be analyzed later on.

The device also comes with an MP3 Player, a few games, a list of emergency contacts for your area such as mountain rescue, and some photos and information on restaurants in the vicinity, if you happen to be skiing in the Alps. While the company's web site only displays European ski resorts, it says the device will work in North America as well, though maybe you'll have to find good place to eat on your own.

Via NaviGadget.