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Feb 7, 2007

Rennovated Home to be Demolished After Map Error Discovered

After hearing about plans for revitalizing Charles Street, Boldon Colliery, Julian Fernandes decided to purchase a home there. Plans for the revitalization called for some homes along Charles Street to be demolished, so before paying £70,000 ($137,578 U.S.) for the house at Number 94, Mr. Fernandes told the Shields Gazette he checked the town's maps and even called the council to make sure Number 94 wasn't slated for demolition.

The maps were wrong.

After spending £15,000 ($29,481 U.S.)fixing up his new home, Mr. Fernandes received a letter saying that in fact his home was to be torn down. Maps had mistakenly placed his home on the opposite side of the street. The South Tyneside Council has apologized. A spokesman told the Gazette, "Unfortunately, the map used to draw up redevelopment plans was inaccurate and showed the address of Mr Fernandes' property to be in a block that will not be affected." The spokesman said they will reimburse Mr. Fernandes for his costs.