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Feb 7, 2007

Geocaching: Treasure Hunt or Terror Hoax?

If you're not familiar with geocaching, pronounced "geo-cashing". It's basically a treasure hunt using a handheld GPS device. Participants use their GPS unit to find a hidden cache, typically a small box with a trinket inside as a prize. The person who hides the cache posts the coordinates on a website and the searchers log in and note that they found it successfully.

Sounds like harmless fun. Not so, says the Portsmouth New Hampshire police. According to the Portsmouth Herald the department is sending out a message against the high-tech treasure hunts after two reports of suspicious packages turned out to be prizes left for geocachers.

Most recently, police were called to a supermarket to examine a suspicious package. The case, which had been duct-taped to an electrical panel was not a bomb, it was just a treasure left for geocachers to find. Police warn that attaching packages to to private property, causes public alarm and can be punished as trespassing, disorderly conduct or worse.

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Modern day treasure hunting with a twist.

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