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Jan 29, 2007

GPS Device Reportedly Infected with Malware

A number of tech websites and blogs are reporting that the GO 910 global positioning system device by TomTom was shipped with Trojan horse and virus software installed on it. While some sites are reporting that TomTom has confirmed that some units were shipped with malware installed on them, technically, the company only states that its GO 910 "may be infected with a virus." [Emphasis mine]

Officially, TomTom states, "It has been confirmed that a small number of TomTom GO 910 devices, produced between September and November 2006, and shipped with software version 6.51, may be infected with a virus." How do you confirm that something "may" have happened?

The company goes on to categorize the viruses as, "extremely low risk". The infection of TomTom's GPS devices was reportedly first reported by the DaniWeb blog.

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