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Jan 21, 2007

DigitalGlobe's CEO: More Acquisitions; IPO in the Future

The Denver Post has an interview in today's edition with Jill Smith, CEO of DigitalGlobe.

When asked if the firm, which acquired GlobeXplorer earlier this year, has other acquisitions planned, Ms. Smith replied:
"We will continue to seek out partners, whether they're content partners, technology partners, customer partners...

Expect more announcements in terms of partnerships and potential acquisitions, but that will be an ongoing examination over the course of the coming years, not a sprint to grab additional capabilities in the very, very short term.
As far as plans to take the firm public, Ms. Smith, while cautioning against a firm timetable, stated that she anticipates doing that, "within the next couple of years".

You can read the short interview here.

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