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Mar 7, 2006

TomTom To Add Back Road Maps

Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation unit maker TomTom announced today that it was teaming up with MADMaps, Inc. to make the firm's scenic back road maps available on the TomTom GO and TomTom RIDER models. MadMaps' cartographers specialize in charting scenic trips along the back roads of the U.S. The firm's maps feature full-color landscape relief imaging of local elevations, mileage markers, fuel stops, recommended road side eateries, lodging and other local attractions.

Nearly all portable GPS navigation units share the same underlying maps. The TomTom GO unit gets its source map data from Tele Atlas, while Navteq provides the map data for the TomTom RIDER. So TomTom's strategy is to try to distinguish itself in a crowded marketplace with additional content not available from other brands.

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