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Feb 26, 2006

Geospatial Technology Is A Burgeoning Industry

From the Miami Herald:
...The geospatial technology industry is defined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as ``an information technology field of practice that acquires, manages, interprets, integrates, displays, analyzes, or otherwise uses data focusing on the geographic, temporal, and spatial context.''

In a nutshell, this technology allows users to map, track, develop tri-dimensional models or simply help you drive your car when you need directions (GPS technology).

The list of occupations that may require geospatial training is a long one and includes cartographers, photogrammetrists, surveyors, civil drafters, electrical drafters, mechanical drafters, and technicians in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering.

Also, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, surveying, mapping, soil conservationists, range managers, foresters, geographers, physical scientists, computer scientists, geographical information systems (GIS), analysts, database administrators, geological data technicians, and geological sample test technicians.

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See also: Geography Jobs from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.