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Jan 6, 2006

China Publishes 1st Administrative Map

In what would appear to be a sign the communist leaders are loosening control some, China published its first administrative map today.

From Xinhua:
The newly published China's National Administrative Map, dubbed the "place search engine," was jointly published by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and China Map Publishing House.

The 29.7-by-42 cm atlas carves up China's 34 provincial, 333 prefectures and about 40,000 townships' boundaries, helps the government and citizens to position a place within the country's 9.6 million square km's territory, with detailed and accountable information.

"The atlas claims to be China's first administrative map, which plays critical roles in the country's reform, economic growth and government management," said Dai Junliang, director of the Administrative Division Department with MCA.

"Though some local governments have published their own regional administrative maps before, quite a number of regional borderlines are vague and the place names are not in compliance with government standards," said Dai. Enditem