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Dec 26, 2005

World Prepares To Challenge U.S. Dominance In GPS

While the United States recently declared its first satellite to feature modernized Global Positioning System (GPS) technology operational, the rest of world tried to catch up in an effort to compete in the growing and strategically important satellite navigation field.

The Russian News and Information Agency announced that the first satellite in Europe's planned Galileo satellite navigation system will be launched on December 28. quoted the Itar-Tass news agency as saying that on Sunday, Russia launched three of its own GLONASS navigation satellites. Today, the Russian News and Information Agency quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying that wanted the GLONASS global navigation satellite system ready before its planned 2008 debut.

If successful, the launch on the 28th will be the first GPS satellite placed in orbit by the European Union. Russia currently has 19 out of their planned 24 GLONASS satellites in orbit. Currently the only fully operational GPS system is run by the United States.