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Nov 23, 2005

Map Error "Grows" City

Ten pages of the 2006 edition of Thomas Bros. maps, street guide contain erroneous boundary lines for Corona, California. The Press-Enterprise reports that the mistake placed a large amount of land within the city. The land actually lies outside the city limits, in unincorporated Riverside County.

The misprinted maps have caused considerable headaches for the City of Corona. Many areas outside its city limits have Corona mailing addresses, which combined with the erroneous maps have confused some people as to whether they live in the city or not. The error has also confused neighboring police and fire departments, which use the maps to decide which agency to dispatch to calls. When those agencies brought the error to the city's attention, the Assistant City Attorney wrote the map company a letter requesting that it correct the mistake and alert emergency agencies.

On the maps, the City of Corona is depicted in pink tones, the unincorporated areas of the county are shaded yellow. Somehow far too large an area was shaded pink, indicating that it was in the city. Thomas Bros. will continue to sell the erroneous maps until corrected maps are available by late December or early January. A spokesman for the company told the Press-Enterprise, "the vast majority of our users will not even notice it, because they're using the book to get from Point A to Point B."

If you have an erroneous map, you can download corrected pages here.